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Over seven years ago I was looking for anything having to do with Outlander on the net. In my surfing I came across the Ladies of Lallybroch.   I met my computer mentor Scotty, a retired old fart *g*, on one of the LOL message boards. I could turn on a computer and that's about it.  He taught me the basics of web making and picture editing......he basically created a monster.   

Below is a collection of sites and contests I created for the Ladies of Lallybroch. Not only did I teach myself a lot about making web pages and graphics, I had a heck of a lot of fun along the way.  

Michelle aka M&M



Murthog - The traveling hedgehog goes across the globe to meet Hosers
The Samhain Adventure  Your own personal tour through the stones
Hosed Outlander My version of the Outlander movie
My Trip to Scotland
12 Days of Judie's Birthday
Judie's 2001 Birthday Page-Lallystock!
DG's 2002 Brithday Board
DG's Birthday Enquirer
Another DG Birthday Enquirer


Scottish Games at Oberlin Ohio 1999
Surrey 1999
Surrey 2000
Surrey 2002
Surrey 2003
Surrey 2004 
Surrey 2005 
Surrey 2006
Surrey 2007 - Coming Soon!
BetsyE's Baby Shower Weekend
Kalamazoo Gathering


Hoser Gazette- Jamie Fraser Personal Ad Contest
Hosed Book Title Contest  Book titles featuring Outlander characters
The Fergus Arse Farse Contest  Don't ask!
Hoser Baby Contest  Guess the Hoser Baby!
Dale and M&M's Brew Ha Ha  Entries for naming a Lallybroch ale

Disney World Contest  Characters of Outlander sub for Disney Characters

Jamie Vanity Plate Contest  Contestants create their own license plate for Jamie
Jamie Dream Date Contest Contestants have to use certain words describing their dream date with Jamie.
We're Really at the end of our Brain Cells Contest
Merc and M&M's "What's My Line" Contest -  Outlander characters filling out employment applications in current day 
Ousted by Outlander Contest   A great reading list too!
Shad's and M&M's Ring Contest
Ten Top Reasons We Love Fiery Cross Contest
A Breath of Snow and Ashes Bookmark Contest
Name Yer Boobsy Twin Contest

Trivia Archives

Trivia Archives from 1998 to 2000

Memorial Pages

Ed was the first hoser that  many of us had come to love and  know personally... that we lost.  He shared not only his battle with cancer with us but his thoughts and hardships along his journey home.  Ed passed in 2002, but he left us with a wonderful gift...the gift of how one man faces death with dignity and love.  
We miss you Ed!

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